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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Very Late Mile End Comic Thing report (This is espresso. It's coffee-zilla)

Pile o' comics I brought back from Mile End Comics Thing: the festival choice award goes to Will Kirkby's strange-but-intriguing The Sea trilogy ( http://chamonkee.livejournal.com/ ) and Tammy Taylor's Microwaveable Fox manga ( http://www.dreamtripper.net/ ) There were also a lot of one-shot black and white music comics about/ for/by/ bands, which were interesting.

The event was busy (I never managed to get to Kate Beaton's table, let alone buy any of her comics) and a little disorganized.* I didn't realize I was speaking on a panel until I got there and many people were not told until an hour before the talks.

I think I was on a panel about how to break into the small press industry. The irony was not lost on me. I apologize for being terrible interview fodder.

Mile End is always inspiringly small-press oriented and the quality of the work increases every year.

*and by "a little" I mean "a lot"

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Dave said...

Had a mad mad week, so hadn't written my con report yet. Here's the photos though.