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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Life drawing 27th May

Yeah, so I missed a week. Actually I missed a couple.


This is what I'm working on like crazy at the moment- a cel drawing from the Bafman animation project. My animation skills are terrible- but a hell of a lot better than when I made The Cloud Factory, my student film.

Self portraits

I was invited to tag along to a free self portrait class the other week. I haven't drawn a self portrait since was a teenager. I was struck by two things.
Firstly, I'm a lot happier, or at least more resigned, about what I look like than I was as a teenager. Secondly: I gurn madly when I draw, which makes it difficult to draw myself accurately.

Where is a crowbar when you need one?

Does this condemned warehouse (it was hosting an art exhibition) look a lot like a Half-Life set or is it just me?

PS: Did I mention I really really really like Half Life 2?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Seals. And people.

I got up early last weekend and went for a walk in the beach. For once in my life I was actually grateful for insomnia, because I saw seals really close up. I was surprised at how noisy they were.
The other sketches: people at work, when I should have been working. And a crazy tramp who hassled me (center middle)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Trust in the Snow pages

This project is a lot more touchy-feely than the green-vamp-woman-with-eyeball-hookah picture a bit further down the page. I'm quite happy with the "magic music" effect on the double page spread.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Key to the Kingdom character sketches

Some sketches from another comic project: The Key to the Kingdom for Futurequake. It's a short horror story which reminds me somewhat of Steven King.
I'm so glad it's grayscale. I've been working on Trust in the Snow for over nine months now. That's all-singing, all dancing colour and texture but it's only ten pages long.
Gordon's Glasses , on the other hand, took me a weekend and a couple of evenings.

Zelda art

This is a gorgeous Zelda print Nicola Stewart sent me from the UK Comics Thing. I wanted to buy a card of this print (I really enjoyed playing Twilight Princess) and they were sold out by the time I got to her table, so she kindly posted me this. It's A3 and lovely. It's definitely going on my wall.
She has a rather cool sketchblog here

A Wild Free-ranger

These are some semi-feral chickens that live in my local park. They eat the bread that people bring to feed ducks. It's very free-range

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Predator anthology pinup

A pin up for the "Predators" Accent UK anthology. I missed out on the "Western" and "Zombie" themed anthologies but am scheduled to draw a comic for the "Victorian" 2011 release.
Also, you can now view "Sophie in the Souk" the TV programme which I worked on on the Travel Channel website here