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Friday, 24 April 2009

Choose your destiny...and language.

New British Comics, a Polish/English anthology featuring one of my comics, was reviewed here recently, very favorably. I quote:

If you can track down a copy of New British Comics then buy it. Give this ground-breaking project your support.

Should you wish to take the reviewer's advice and track down a copy, it is available directly from the website here* My personal favourite strip is Jackie Goes to Hell by Dan White, but Daniel Locke's understated ghost story No Word Of A Lie... was the story which stuck in my mind.

*Actually, it has been kindly pointed out that it isn't. Yet. Watch this space.


Dave said...

It doesn't seem to be for sale outside of Glasgow or Poland yet. I've dropped them an email asking them to let me know when I can buy a copy online or in London.

Caroline Parkinson said...

Thanks for letting me know Dave! Have changed the post accordingly