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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Adventures in life modelling

A short comic I drew recently about my experiences as a life model. What do models think of as they're sitting there? From my experience: the plot holes in Heroes.

I coloured in the tone with marker: it's streaked a bit. It would have been neater on the computer, but not as much fun.
And it's "exploitation" not "exploitism". Doh!


Dave said...

Yay, comic!

Not that I don't enjoy your sketches, but it's been a while since you've posted a lettered comic. Not that I have any right to expect comics. I'll stop digging here.

Have you seen the DAR comics on life drawing?

Random thoughts:
Alternative panel 1. Comic title is actually title of a card in post office window. Hand pressing paper against glass to take note obscures actual location. Probably wouldn't fit, or be as clear as actual panel, but fun.
Panels 6 and 9: Nice use of the border.
Thanks for sharing.

As an aside, I keep thinking I should go to a life drawing class. At least partially because I don't make time to practice drawing anyway, and if I had a set schedule I'd be more likely to stick to it.

Caroline Parkinson said...

Good idea about using the life drawing card as the title, Dave.

Life drawing rocks! I was put off at university by a teacher I didn't get on with. It's nice to have a local class where I can do my own thing.I'd definatly reccommend joining one.
I keep drawing comics and forgetting to post them after they've been published. I've stuck a couple up here. Enjoy:)