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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Drawing at the British Museum 2

These guys are from Cyprus, they are statues of worshippers from temples which might be why they look more cheerful that the average Greek god or Roman emperor.The idea was that if you had a statues of yourself carved and put it in the temple it worshipped on your behalf 24 hours a day. There were three or four distinct styles but I thought I could see a little bit of the owner's personality in each one- and almost all had very impressive beards.
Some more faces , this time from Mexico. Grotesque, but slightly cartoonish. I think that you could turn the monkey and the conehead character above him on the left into a Ren and Stimpy style trippy animated series quite nicely. 

The train on the way home-entirely because I wanted to fill more pages of my sketchbook during this visit to London that on my last visit, when I went to the V and A.

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