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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Drawing statues at the Victoria and Albert-Eve, Truth and Venus

I drew some statues at the V&A on my day off.

 This is "Eve listening to the voice of Adam" by the same guy who made the sculpture of Nelson for Nelson's column.

This is "Truth and Falsehood" It's difficult to draw her from the other side as that would mean standing in the middle of a busy corridor, but if I had you could see that she's tearing out his tongue.This sculpture didn't seem to be as well-made as the others-is the snail type curve on the bottom right supposed to be drapery or part of the plinth they are sitting on, or a weird decorative element?

 This is the Kneeling Venus. She's pretty cool. While I was drawing her a museum worker started to clean her with a feather duster.

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