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Monday, 23 August 2010

Shetland sketch dump

I found some more pictures but had a problem inserting them into the post I'd already created. So here's a sketch dump. Below is the broch of Mousa. Brochs are pretty cool. Archaelogists used to think they were the Northern Isles equivalent of castles, then they thought they were cool defensive structures that you could build without scaffolding (clever, as there's no trees on Shetland) Now the explanation is edging towards "ritual and ceremonial" which is archaeologist speak for "damned if I know"

Inside the Broch of Mousa

These two drawings are at Eshaness. The cliffs there are hardcore
Another broch, this time at Cillikimin (may have spelt that wrong) near Lerwick. I got a bit obsessed with archeology on this holiday. Entertainment is limited in Shetland, and I like old stuff that's remote and deserted and isn't fenced off. In fact, one of the tombs I went down was entered by an exact replica of the hatch from Lost. If I had broken my ankle down there I'd probably still be waiting to be rescued by a random hiker.

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