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Friday, 19 March 2010

a blast from the past....

I found a bunch of stuff I drew ten or more years ago tonight- so here's a blast from the past. This first comic was drawn at the height of the Pokemon craze...I think I must have been 16 or 17 *

I was a year or two older when I drew the pictures below-so the lady was probably from the LJ Smith Night World books (Twilight for the 80's generation)
The other two are Death and Delirium. I'd just finished reading the first couple of Sandman books. This was the first proper comic series I ever read. I was bowled over.

* and a giant nerd

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Dave said...

They're lovely. I've finaly started reading the sandman series. Been meaning to for years. But first I ddecided they cost too much. Then my mate who was going to lend them to me moved south of the river. Then I lost my library card. I finally found a copy of volumes 1 to 3 at C's house that belonged to her ex.