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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Trust in the Snow (woot!)

I have FINALLY FINISHED Trust in the Snow, a comic written by John Gunningham for the Christian comic anthology Parable 2, edited by Cow and Buffalo's Mike Maihack.
I'm really happy with it, it's taken me over a year. I should be cracking open a bottle of champagne as I write these words.
The main character is a man with a mysterious past and quixotic magical powers. He is compelled to wander, performing great acts of kindness to those that deserve it and teaching or punishing those who do not.

I haven't drawn a fantasy story since my debut in online comics, about nine years ago.

Unfortunately I can't post it on this blog: it hasn't been published yet. The original publishing deal sank due to the recession and we haven't found another publisher who is willing to take on a niche of a niche market publication like Parable yet.
But here are some sample panels:

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Olly said...

Wow, looks awesome. Love the cover shot, reminds me of Tintin!