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Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Texture Blog

I've started another blog here: http://thetextureblog.blogspot.com/

This is a collection of texture photos for general use, though if you want high resolution photos you can buy a CD from me for £10 *

I've recently started using photographic textures in my artwork (see the recent pages of Trust in the Snow I've been drawing for Parable) in an attempt to make my computer colouring more three-dimensional. I had to find similar photos while I worked on Charlie and Lola, and used a great website called Mayang's Texture Website.

This was the only free texture website I could find (you could also buy all the high resolution textures on CD, this is where I stole the idea from ) it was wonderful, and it's no longer online. So I had to start taking photos myself. I decided that since I was building up a small library and was unemployed at the time (though not at present) I might look for opportunities to sell them on the Web.

I will keep adding to this site: a trip to South Africa in September should be specially interesting!

*Please email caroline@carolineparkinson.co.uk: I have not yet had a chance to set up an online shop

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