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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Caption Oxford

I don't usually make non-art posts but thought I should comment about the Oxford creator's comic festival, Caption, which I attended this weekend.

Despite a nightmare journey (three and a half hours each way, horrible weather, completely inappropriate clothes - and cheers, whoever threw up in the sink of the Oxford Tube bus) I really enjoyed it. I was a bit nervous about going on my own, but it forces me to talk to people, which is a good thing (Whether the other attendees thought it was a good thing to be accosted by me is another matter) 

The highlight, for me, was the DFC panel (http://www.thedfc.co.uk) which is a UK weekly comics for kids, available on subscription only.
I also sold all the copies of my comic "Journey"which I brought with me. Surely, everyone in the small press scene has read it by now? It paid for sushi at the train station. I was very grateful.


Dave said...

The DFC's really good. Most of the strips are great, particularly The Spider Moon. Not so much the crab lane crew.

How did it come about then? I saw it on the online version of the Guardian.

I went to my first EasterCon on my own last year and loved it! Loads of streams of programme items, and really great people. I dragged a mate to this years, and have talked another into going next years.

Caroline Parkinson said...

Yes, I love Kate Brown's stuff, especially the coloring she's used.
I don't know how the DFC came about- either it wasn't mentioned at the panel or I didn't pay attention for that bit! It reminds me of a UK version of Flight- but a completely different product.