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Monday, 12 May 2008

how will he flip them the bird now?

I got back from Bristol Comic Con last night, where I shared a table with Sally Thompson
 It wasn't the most profitable con I've ever been to, but it was the most fun, despite the heat * I don't have room to shoehorn a lot of links in here, but If I talked to you, thanks for making it a good weekend. 
I was especially interested in all the small press manga-style stuff there, as I'm thinking of doing a manga style next project. This would allow me to combine lots of artwork and a comparatively sparse script, which to be honest I feel is probably a good thing. 

Talking of  artwork , I need to swap the Assassin's Creed pictures below. I changed the hand position on one of the pictures- sister pointed out that it's pretty hard to draw a guy with four fingers on one hand without looking like he's making a down-with-da-kids ghetto hand gesture. Even worse, it was also pointed out that I'd cut off the wrong finger. Damn.

 *(And if I'd sold all my comics, what would I have had to fan myself with?:)

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